Choices, changes, and challenges.  Decisions, distractions, and dilemmas. 

Our youth today face so many barriers to success.  The objective and outcome of the SuccessQuest! Training Series is designed to empower youth to understand their potential, embrace the possibilities, and seize opportunities.  Through  seven dynamic, visual, interactive presentations, we help students achieve and succeed.  

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Presentations for Students and Parents

This training equips students with an understanding of global economic trends, concrete communication skills, and steps that lead to success while showing examples of people who have succeeded against the odds.

While being able to go to college is good, college is no guarantee to success.  For students who choose not to go to college, they must still continue their education somehow.  This training explains what to look for in choosing a college and how to prepare to get accepted and what to look for when they get there.  It also shows students how to bring value to their diploma and degree by accelerating skill development and communication

CareerQuest! links students’ talents and abilities with viable vocational options by looking at some of the most progressive careers in demand and the people who are making a critical impact in these fields of work.

Great Black Business Leaders & Their Secrets to Success 

What is the difference between a boy and a man?  What is the difference between a girl and a woman?  The difference is not physicality, but mentality.  What are the misconceptions of manhood and womanhood that keep success elusive?  This presentation focuses on helping students understand what it means to cultivate manhood and womanhood through a sense of service and responsibility.

Black Excellence in the STEM Areas 

SuccessQuest!: Achieving Greatness in the Global Economy 

This training provides students with the understanding of the critical role culture plays in society.  It visually demonstrates the contributions African people have made to America and humanity and Africa’s link to all the cultures of the world.  Through a dynamic, exciting, inspiring, interactive presentation students will be transformed and motivated to achieve success.

Blacks have a tremendous history of excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM), however, today, Blacks are underrepresented in these areas.  One reason for the underrepresentation is lack of awareness.  This presentation demonstrates the incredible Black scientific legacy and the powerful possibilities of a career in the STEM areas

CultureQuest!: What Does It Mean To Be Black?

CollegeQuest!: Choosing Your Educational Future  

The Responsibility of Manhood & Womanhood

ParentPower: The Keys to Your Child’s Academic Success 

CareerQuest!: The Decisions That Shape Your Destiny 


Students, Parents and Families

Due to forces and factors in society that often distract children from the values their parents raise them with, many parents feel disempowered and do not know how to get and keep their children on track academically and socially.  Parents will learn:

an overview of the importance of parent and family engagement,
strategies for understanding your child’s learning styles
strategies for understanding your child’s multiple intelligences
tips to help effectively engage other parents,
tips to help effectively interact with school staff to support parents
interactive, engaging and clear connections between parent engagement and student success

Dr. Chike Akua provides culturally relevant youth and family keynote, training and team building presentations for youth and parents all across the country. Our presentations offer a life-changing experience. We provide these services to academic institutions, churches, youth and more.

Students will learn about some of the top Black business leaders who made their money empowering their people rather than exploiting them.  They’ll also learn about how these business leaders use their money to empower their people rather than exploit them. Lastly, they’ll learn the success principles these entrepreneurs use to create and sustain success.

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