You can feel it as soon as you walk into the school.  It's in the air.  High-performing schools have a certain spirit and energy that lets you know that you're in a place where education is serious and excellence without excuses is pursued and expected.  Learn the secrets of what educators and leaders do to turn low-performing schools into high-performing schools in a relatively short period of time. Mastery is not a mystery. Transformation is possible, available and achievable.  ​Transforming school culture also requires a seamless alignment between teachers, leaders, parents and students.  So, in addition to Teacher Transformation Seminars, we provide ParentPower presentations and author visits and SuccessQuest for Students presentations.​

Professional Development for Primary & Secondary Educators

  • The rules of engagement
  • Keeping students in tune with expectations and on task at all times
  • How to tap into the multiple intelligences of students
  • How to teach to student strengths and specific learning styles
  • Using brain-based instruction to balance access to and understanding of curriculum


  • The role of culture in education
  • Authentic v. alien cultural images and concepts
  • Creating a climate of transformation in your classroom
  • Specific culturally relevant instructional strategies
  • Materials that increase reading comprehension, math skills, cultural awareness and character development simultaneously

Dr. Chike Akua provides premiere professional development for teachers, administrators and counselors with culturally relevant instructional strategies in the content areas.  Our seminars are dynamic, active, and engaging as we demonstrate the keys to educational excellence with clear and practical solutions and pathways to academic excellence.  

Educational research is clear and compelling.  It demonstrates that culture is the key—the critical mediating factor in increasing student achievement, especially among African American students and students of color.  We understand culture to be a bridge, not a barrier and we approach it as such.  In this powerful, activity-based workshop, teachers will engage in activities designed to demonstrate specific, practical instructional strategies that are both engaging and effective.  

  • How to connect and capture students’ interests
  • How to de-escalate potentially volatile situations
  • How to create student leaders who influence other students to improve
  • How to manage challenging students and lead them toward achievement


For decades, many students have been blamed for not achieving, despite the fact that educational research indicates the importance of teachers knowing their students’ learning styles.  This engaging, interactive workshop demonstrates ways in which teachers can and must tailor their instruction to the learning styles and multiple intelligence of their students.  It presents the rationale for differentiating instruction and gives creative, practical, hands-on, examples and strategies for differentiating instruction across the curriculum.


Primary & Secondary Educators

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  • How to create a school-wide climate of transformation
  • How to set, state and create a school-wide standard of excellence
  • How to cultivate and increase rigor and relevance
  • How to create a seamless alignment between teachers, leaders, students and parents

Without creativity, structure, order and discipline, very little learning takes place.  Unfortunately, many teachers struggle with classroom management.  This seminar focuses on building rapport with students, setting, stating and maintaining standards of excellence for behavior and participation in which students take an active role in creating a positive, affirming, classroom environment.  


Creating Community in the Classroom:

Strategies for Managing Student Behavior

​Teachers Will Learn

Transforming School Culture

Educators Will Learn:

Dr. Akua's Professional Development is tailored to the needs indicated by schools and school systems.  In addition to professional development, we offer evaluation, assessment, and model teaching opportunities. 

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Dynamics of Differentiated Instruction

Educators Will Learn:

Education for Transformation: Culturally Relevant Instructional Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement

Educators Will Learn:

Chike Akua conducts a TeacherTransformation! seminar for a group of teachers in Chicago at the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) Summer Institute