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“I’ve spoken at many colleges, universities, conferences and corporations and seen a lot of speakers.  Dr. Chike Akua is one of the best!  If you want students to have a greater sense of purpose, passion and perspective, Bring Dr. Akua to your campus.”

Dr. George Fraser, Author
Success Runs in Our Race, Race for Success, Click!


Dr. Akua Offers Dynamic Presentations:

  • What Does It Mean To Be Black?
  • Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations: 7 Steps to Black Student Success
  • SuccessQuest: The Journey From Ordinary to Extraordinary
  • Magnificent Black Women in History
  • Great Black Business Leaders & Their Secrets to Success
  • African Sacred Science: Black Contributions to STEM
  • Relationship Revolution: Secrets to Restoring Our Families
  • Many, many more


​​“My students and I love Dr. Akua’s book, Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations: 7 Steps to Black Student Success.  It gives tremendous insight into the unique problems African American people face and practical solutions they can enact.  Every college student should read it!”
Professor Corie Muhammad Department of Advanced Studies Alabama State University

​“… insightful, provocative and enlightening.  Dr. Chike Akua’s outstanding scholarship  produces  a life-transforming experience for students and all in attendance.”
Kevin Washington, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Howard University President of the Association of Black Psychologists
"Dr. Chike Akua is sincere in his presentation and very thought provoking.  His scholarly approach and work is very evident in his presentation.
Carol Bennett, Director Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center Austin Peay State University

“Dr. Chike Akua is incredible and without rival.  His presentatyions are educational, scholarly and stimulating—an absolute must for students and staff who work with advancing the knowledge of students.”
Professor Alfred Powell, Professor & Author
Hip-Hop Hypocrisy: When Lies Sound Like the Truth
School of Social Welfare and Health Sciences

State University Of New York, Stoneybrook

“Without a doubt, Dr. Chike Akua is one of the most informative, inspirational, and knowledgeable speakers in America today.  Every school, college, church, civic, social and business organization should hear him.”
Joe L. Dudley, Sr., Founder CEO Dudley Products, Inc.

“The Pensacola State College African American Student Association  was pleased to host Dr. Chike Akua  to our campus.   He is a knowledgeable and excellent speaker. The informative and transformative facts he presented  changed the students'  outlook on their present circumstances and future prospects for success.”

Dr. Tonie Anderson-Steele, Professor & Faculty Advisor African American Student Association
Pensacola State College Pensacola, FL

Dr. Chike Akua is one of the most sought after speakers at colleges, universities and educational conferences both nationally and internationally.  As an award-winning educator, author and scholar, his riveting, revealing , dynamic, interactive presentations electrify audiences on campuses across the country.  It’s not a speech, it’s an experience!  And after the Akua experience, students exhibit a deeper sense of pride and purpose, respect and responsibility.

Dr. Chike Akua with Dr. Paula Parks and the students of the Umoja ASTEP Program at Bakersfield College

I have invited Dr. Chike Akua to speak at McKendree University several times over the years.  Each time, he enlightens and  develops within students a strong sense of pride with his exceptional insights about ancient Africa and contemporary cultural connections. Every person in the audience is riveted by his words and he does all of this in a very warm and interactive way.   You must have Chike Akua come to your college campus to present!”

Brent W. Reeves, Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs McKendree University
Lebanon, IL 

Look at what faculty advisors, scholars and professors are saying about Dr. Chike Akua!

“Thank you, Dr. Akua, for educating and challenging our Umoja students at Bakersfield College!  After having read your book, Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations, during orientation, they got so much from your presentation!”

Paula Parks, Ph.D. Professor &

Faculty Advisor - Umoja ASTEP Program
Bakersfield College - Bakersfield, CA

Dr. Chike Akua is one of the most sought-after speakers at colleges, universities and educational conferences  nationally.  Ebony magazine named him one of its "50 Leaders of Tomorrow," a distinction he is living up to today.  He has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people through his riveting and revealing presentations and books.  

 His nationally-acclaimed new book, Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations: 7 Steps to Black Student Success is fast becoming a favorite on college campuses nationally.  In addition, as a businessman and entrepreneur, his book SuccessQuest: The Journey From Ordinary to Extraordinary is guiding students to cultivate the skills to be successful in the new global marketplace.

“…Dr. Chike Akua’s provocative and penetrating presentations come as a timely antidote to the indifference and disorientation that plagues our college students.  I highly recommend his exciting and meaningful presentations as a timely and effective intervention for this crisis.”

Na’im Akbar, Ph.D., Author, Clinical Psychologist - New Visions for Black Men


Dr. Akua has written over 10 books, produced a series of 10 African Origins historical DVDs, and 30 Black History Posters.  In addition, he has assisted in leading over 1000 people to Africa on study tours to Egypt, Ghana, Senegal and Morocco.

Dr. Akua earned his Bachelors degree in Education from Hampton University, his Masters degree in Education and School Counseling from Clark Atlanta University and  his doctorate from Georgia State University.  He resides just outside of Atlanta with his wife and their two sons.  

“I’ve been at the podium speaking for more than two decades and I’ve come to know there’s two types of speakers:  Someone who has to say something and someone who has something to say.  You guessed it, Dr. Chike Akua fits into the latter.  His presentations are both informative and enlightening.   His is a voice every audience needs to hear.”

Dennis Kimbro, Ph.D., Author

The Wealth Choice, What Makes the Great Great,

Think & Grow Rich: A Black Choice

Dr. Chike Akua with Dr. Tonie Anderson-Steele and members of the Pensacola State College African American Student Association

Dr. Akua is Transforming Campuses Across America & Beyond...


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 “Dr. Chike Akua spoke at our Spring 2017 State Convention of the Florida African American Student Association (FAASA) in Jacksonville FL.  His powerful presentation opened our eyes and is a ‘must see’ for all who are seeking to understand our condition as a people today!

Donald Cleveland, Counselor, FAASA Chairman of the Board Florida African American Student Association (FAASA)
Broward College (Fort Lauderdale, FL)