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Sexceptional: The Ultimate & Essential Teen Guide to Abstinence

We hear a lot about safe sex, but abstinence is, hands down, the safest alternative.  But when abstinence is mentioned, oftentimes, young people are not given the tools to make abstinence work.  This book is a tool box of insights and strategies, while placing popular sexual images and practices in proper cultural context.  There are questions for thought, reflection, and discussion at the end of each chapter. 

A Treasure Within: Stories of Remembrance & Rediscovery

A Treasure Within is a book of short stories in which young people have encounters with ancient African Ancestors to learn traditional morals, values, and culture.  It is a resource which continues to develop academic skills and cultivate character development as well as cultural awareness.

ParentPower! The keys to Your Child's Academic and Social Success

So many parents today feel helpless to assist their children to achieve an succeed because of the many challenges and negative influences in society.  This book contains the ParentPower Method--the specific strategies andd tools parents can use to ensure their child's academic and social success by being rooted and grounded in the best of their culture. ParentPower! contains the blueprint for your child's success.  Each chapter contains activities for the family.

A Treasure Within: Parent/Teacher Resource Guide 

The accompanying Parent/Teacher Resource Guide is a complete companion curriculum that can be used to do extra activities related to the stories in A Treasure Within.  These activities are designed to improve reading comprehension, writing, and grammar skills. 

A Kwanzaa Awakening: Lessons for the Community

This book contains lessons for every grade level, including:
*A brief history of Kwanzaa & Libation Ceremony
*A 3-act play & Poetry Section
*Kwanzaa classroom activities, Worksheets, a quiz, and a test
*Lessons for the Little Ones (primary grades)
*Coloring activities

Reading Revolution: Reconnecting the Roots

(Vol 1) Dr. Chike Akua with 
Co-author Tavares Stephens 

Improve reading comprehension and cultural consciousness at the same time!
•90 engaging high-interest reading selections
•Standardized test with multiple choice questions
•Topic and main idea, supporting details and more
•Vocabulary development  and context clues
•Making inferences and drawing conclusions.

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Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations: 
7 Steps to Black Student Success
By Dr. Chike Akua

Far too many students do not understand or appreciate the sacrifices their ancestors made and the opportunities made available to them as a result of those sacrifices.  This is the book that is changing the way Black students see themselves see themselves, their history, their culture, their power, their potential and the world!

Education for Transformation:
The Keys to Releasing the Genius 
of African American Students

What are the methods master teachers use to increase achievement for African American students?  Mastery is not a mystery and this book is a blue-print for transforming student achievement.


Increase and improve STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT, character development, and cultural awareness.  Get your Educators Power Pak today!  It contains a copy of each of 
Dr. Akua's books PLUS two DVDs!

WORDS OF POWER: Ancient Insights & Modern Messages for Parents, Teachers and Students

This book contains almost two hundreds quotes and proverbs from African people and powerful people all over the world.  Use this wonderful resource to teach our children much of the mother wit and wisdom that we grew up on but that many of our youth are not getting today.  Additionally it contains fill-in worksheets so that students can engage in a words of wisdom treasure hunt. 


The Black History Power Pak contains seven of Chike's Akua's books, plus two DVDs, and two BONUS CDs.  Increase student achievement, character development, and cultural awareness all at the same time. 


Sankofa Kemet: My First trip to the Motherland
By Jahbari Akua (with Chike Akua)

Join 9-year old Jahbari Akua on his journey to Egypt as he studies, prepares, and then sales on the Nile, visits the Pyramids, temples, and the Valley of the Kings.  This book will truly inform and inspire students and young writers.  This book also includes an activity guide.  Introduction by historian Anthony Browder; 
Foreword by Dr. Runoko Rashidi.


The Platinum Black History Power Pak contains 30 posters, 9 books, plus 7 DVDs, and 3 BONUS CDs.  This is, hands-down, the ULTIMATE Black History multimedia Library!